Aluminum pergolas are the fantastic addition to enhancing the value and appeal of your property.

Aluminum pergolas are the fantastic addition to enhancing the value and appeal of your property.

Aluminum pergolas

Aluminum pergolas are becoming the newest trendsetter in the patio and garden pergolas. With their attractive high-end finished look and corrosion level of resistance, increasing numbers of people are going for aluminum for their next pergola project. Compared with other products, all our aluminum pergolas come fully designed and manufactured to provide you with piece of mind for years to come.


Types of Cohen Maxwell Aluminum Pergolas


A pergola can be freestanding or attached to a building. It is made of at least 4 columns (or two columns and wall structure for attached systems), Our aluminum pergola is one of the best options to furnish an open space like the backyard. Besides it allow you to create shaded spaces that may blend in perfectly with your natural environment, but it also provides you with the opportunity to furnish the outdoors with products with a beautiful design and style that can decorate your garden in a safe environment . the aluminum pergolas suits easily into a variety of situations. In addition to being applied as a roof structure, an aluminum pergola may be used to build real extensions of the house to the outdoors, most likely as a cover of a large terrace.

Aluminum Pergola Freestanding

Freestanding pergolas stand independent of other constructions. Because they stand on their own, their position is extremely flexible. They normally need a minimum of 4 columns to support the pergola structure and need to be attached correctly. Columns may be attached to a concrete patio, a deck, or any type of buildings structure.

Aluminum Pergola attached to house

Attached aluminum pergolas. Our Attached aluminum pergolas use a structure to support one or more sides rather than columns. This kind of pergola design often requires a minimum of two columns to support the side that's not attached to an existing structure. The columns will have to be attached properly to provide strength integrity.
Choosing an aluminum attached pergola can create a smooth transition from interior to outdoor areas for home applications like a deck, patio, or garden area. Also, they are perfect for commercial applications like a restaurant patio, a friends and family outdoor living space or to shade the area close to a pool.


Insulated Pergolas

Our aluminum insulated pergolas are made to help you beat the summer season temperature. With an insulated panel, our pergolas offer excellent thermal protection all year round. Our insulated pergolas come with a beautiful matte or gloss finish and they are available in a wide range of colors. The advantage of having an insulated pergola installed is that it can accommodate downlights and fans within the insulated panels.


Building your own pergola

You can build your own pergola using our calculator, you just have to enter the measurements where it will be installed and you will know the cost, you can choose between other options such as lights and fans.

Visit our page (Make your own pergola) or you can choose between many pergola kits such as:

10 x 12 aluminum pergola Kit

12 x 16 aluminum pergola Kit

12 x 20 aluminum pergola Kit

12 x 24 aluminum pergola Kit

12 x 28 aluminum pergola Kit

12 x 32 aluminum pergola Kit

16 x 20 aluminum pergola Kit

16 x 24 aluminum pergola Kit

16 x 28 aluminum pergola Kit

16 x 32 aluminum pergola Kit

20 x 20 aluminum pergola Kit

Build your own pergola kit

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