Assembly is easy and all installation could be completed in 1 day. Each kit includes all assembly and mounting hardware necessary for installation.



Cohen Maxwell has been the leader in fabrication, production and distribution of 100% American Made 24 Gauge and Insulated Aluminum Carports / Porches.



You can choose from one of our Do It Yourself Kits or E-mail us for custom sizes that fit your unique proportions. No problem! We fabricate custom sizes.

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Who we are

Welcome to Cohen Maxwell Inc!. We have always had the pride of being able to understand the needs of our clients and finding solutions to their inquiries. This is our family business. This is what we have done for 3 Generations and counting. We pride ourselves to be able to provide a great product made with exceptional materials that is made HERE IN THE U.S.A. Our clients range from schools, to medical facilities, to sports and leisure complexes, to industrial buildings and military bases. Our Aluminum Fences meet all the needs you need.
Why Aluminum Pergolas are the Best Choice for a High-End Finished Look in Your Outdoor Space

Our History

We have been working with Steel, Iron and Aluminum for 3 Generations. As we continue to impress our clients with our product’s strength, usability and value for the money. True wrought Iron and Aluminum Fences made by a welder have become a luxury and a rare trade. Our fence panels offer the wrought iron fence look, BECAUSE THEY ARE! All of our 100% American Made 24 Gauge and Insulated Aluminum Carports / Porches are shipped to your door. Assembly is easy and all installation could be completed in 1 day. Each kit includes all assembly and mounting hardware necessary for installation. If you desire longer posts for your 100% American Made 24 Gauge and Insulated Aluminum Carport / Porch please contact us and we will gladly will accommodate any need you may have.

Cohen Maxwell Products



Renovate your patio area or indoor space with modern aluminum porch and enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Our aluminum insulated panels could keep you cool in summertime as well as, warm in the winter months.

Aluminum Pergolas


Aluminum Pergolas incorporate natural elegance and function to your home backyard. They are garden or yard constructions that offer seating area, less sunlit areas, and comfort and luxury outside your property. A good engineered pergola will provide personality to your outdoor area and define a unique area from the rest of the backyard.

Patio Screen Enclosures


Cohen Maxwell patio enclosures provide another dimension in outdoor living by adding a complete home addition using partially or fully outdoor screen enclosures. Your new patio enclosures screen will change your outdoor patio into a safer, free of bugs outdoor space that can be used all for years to come. Maximize your patio area living area with a nice-looking patio screening.

Dura fence


Cohen Maxwell manufacture and install a variety of high-quality durafence secure fencing to complement the individual style and design of your home and property. We provide superior quality fencing solutions for residential and commercial customers. You can expect fencing in a range of designs and styles that can be as practical or attractive as you desire.

Aluminum Carports and Aluminum Porch Miami - Broward - West Palm Beach

Aluminum carports is an excellent investment for your property, there are many profits that aluminum carports provide a home, as a more cost-effective alternative to building a complete garage. Aluminum carports continue to grow in recognition with property owners across South Florida, and for good reason. The flexibility, low cost, and durability of these constructions simply can’t be defeat.

Benefits of Aluminum Carports or Aluminum Porch

In contrast to the price involved in building a garage area, an aluminum carports are more affordable and simpler to install. For those who have new homes or new cars an aluminum porch / carport is an excellent alternative for the short to long term. Aluminum Carports can also be constructed with minimal experience, allowing you to do the assembly without hiring somebody and save money because of this. For more information on a variety of aluminum carport kits and parts that you can purchase to build one for yourself, have a look at Cohen Maxwell range of top-quality aluminum porch / carport parts.

Aluminum Carports can be transformed into a very wide range of different applications. Because an aluminum carports could be both enclosed and open, you can customize their purpose to whatever you need; it can become element of your garden, a great entertainment open area or you can make it a private room in your home and, however, you can use it for the same storage purposes as a garage area. An aluminum Carports provides an additional room to your property and more entertainment opportunities to your outdoor space and backyard garden.

In case you are hosting an outdoor event and the weather conditions becomes bad, an aluminum porch / carport can save the event. It provides shelter and therefore well-ventilated space. In this way, it can use as an extension to your property. that will help you take pleasure in the South Florida weather fully.

If you have a garage area, then you are going to use it for protect your own vehicles, boat, and other vehicles. They are vulnerable to corroding and other damages coming from extreme south Florida weather conditions. Like any owner, you want to keep your valuables in excellent condition. Our custom aluminum carports are what you need to maintain your vehicle in good shape. our aluminum porch / carports are adaptable to apply to a lot of shading requirements in residential and commercial applications.

An aluminum carport can be an amazing addition to the outdoor of your home. Frequently, property owners concentrate on maintenance and upgrading the look of their property, but an empty backyard area could miss an important element. That component is an aluminum carport. The financial and logistical commitment of an aluminum carport is much small compared to other outdoor living projects you will carry out. The expense is small, and the structure can be removed very easily, so this is actually a low risk investment you can make into your property, that may maximize property value by providing extra covered backyards space and raising property appeal

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